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6 Types of Seizures You Need to Know

Last week we listed 7 Facts You Probably Do Not Know About Epilepsy. Now that we have a basic understanding of epilepsy and have dispelled some myths about the disorder. It is important that we also talk about the different kinds of seizures that exist

When most people think of seizures they think of someone falling on the ground, shaking, possibly foaming at the mouth, etc. But some seizures do not look like that. In fact, some seizures you will not physically see at all. Read more to understand what I mean

1.Absent Seizure

When these seizures occur, it appears that a person is simply “absent”. For a few seconds, they lose consciousness and are not aware of what is going on.Most people will write it off as day-dreaming or being absent minded.

2. Grand Mal Seizures (Tonic-Clonic)

These are the seizures that most people think about when thinking about seizures. This is also what is most shown on TV when covering seizures. The person will lost control of their muscles, fall on the floor and their body will jerk. They may bite their tongue. 

It is important that you do not put anything in their mouth when this is happening (as is a common but wrong idea). You should instead move everything out of their way and make sure that there is nothing near them that could cause them to hurt themselves. 

Usually these last 1-5 minute but anything longer than five minutes is a medical emergency.

3. Clonic Seizures

These seizures usually occur in early childhood and looks like the child is randomly jerking a part of their body. They have no control over this movement. They may also lose consciousness and become confused when they regain consciousness.

4. Myoclonic Seizures

These are similar to clonic seizures with random jerking. The main distinction is that myoclonic seizures are typically single or irregular movements, while clonic seizures are usually regular and rapid jerking movements.

5. Tonic Seizures

These seizures causes muscle spasms in the person’s face or torso. These are not very common on it’s own, and usually occurs together with the clonic jerking seizures

6. Atonic Seizures

These seizures are usually known as drop attacks. During these seizures, usually children will randomly fall for no apparent reason. They could be doing anything, and just fall. After a few seconds they regain consciousness and continue doing whatever they were doing before the drop attack. These seizures are often overlooked as children may fall for normal reasons and parents may not know that this is happening.

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Final Thoughts

I hope that this article opened your eyes to the different kinds of seizures that exist and I hope that you are more conscious about understand epilepsy.

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