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Giving Up is NOT an Option

Message of the Day:

If I tell you the truth, these past few weeks (maybe even months) have been HARD. I know that you may have noticed that there are times that my post do not go up as scheduled or Instagram takes a break. 


There are so many health things going on and at the same time, life changes, and family issues. Mix that in with being in grad school, doing an internship, trying to date (and having relationship anxiety), and you have more than enough reasons to WANT to give up. The word here is WANT, because just because you want something does not mean you have the option to have it. 


Giving up is NOT an option

 I have to convince myself that I have no option to give. I do not if I want to be successful, have my dream career, and make enough money to support myself and my future children)

When you do not have the option to do something, you just have to go on without doing it. I challenge you to think of giving up in that way if it is something that you are truly passionate about. 

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