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Featured Photo Credit: Veronica June Photography

Message of the Day: 10/29/2019

I am in school getting my Master of Social Work degree and one of the assignments that we had to do was to watch a video of a TED Talk. The woman in the video explained the reason why she stayed in an abusive relationship. What she said broke my heart:

I stayed because I didn’t know that it was abuse. I thought I was in love with a man who was deeply troubled

When she said that, I cried my eyes out because I know women who have survived physically abusive relationships. I could never understand why this one particular woman would stay. The men who have abused her were not taking care of her financially. Her family was there for her. In my mind there was no reason to stay.


However, she most likely stayed for the same reason. She probably just though he was troubled.


Let this be a reminder that if someone is hurting you. They are not troubled; it is not your fault. They are abusing you and I encourage you to do your best to leave SAFELY if you can.


Always remember, if someone is abusing you, 




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